9001 Temp Controlled

Model 9001 Temperature Controlled Water Bath

The Palico 9001 Temperature Controlled Water Bath is used to maintain the test cell at a fixed temperature to eliminate temperature correction in measurement of separator resistance.

The front panel controls on the 9001 Bath provide adjustment of the temperature of the water bath to a fraction of a degree F over the range from ambient temperature to 100 deg. F (37.8 deg.C). An over-temperature cutout is set at 130 deg. F (54.4 deg. C) and will prevent damage to the Model 9001 in the event of failure of the temperature controller. Operation in a cold room will allow test to near 0 deg. F (-18 deg C).

This bath is constructed using acid and base resistant materials. Type 316 stainless steel is used for the inner tank, for the drain valve, and for the mounting screws. The outer case is constructed of gray PVC with a clear Type 1 PVC (Boltaron) top which has excellent resistance to concentrate s sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide which are commonly used for electrolytes.

Bath size is 12" high (30.5 cm) x 17" wide (43 cm.) x 20" long (51 cm.) Power 105-125 volts, 50-400 Hz. 230 volt operation, optional.