9000-9100 Bath

9000-9001 Bath

Model 9000-9001 Bath

The Model 9000-9001 Bath is arranged in a 4-terminal electrical configuration and is constructed of acrylic plastic materials that are suitable for common battery electrolytes.

Carbon electrodes are used for both sulfuric acid electrolytes and potassium hydoxide solutions. The separator material forms a gasket between two plastic panels which support the separator and position it for measurement.  One of these panels is moveable and is controlled by a lever which opens and closes the test area for insertion and removal of the separator. The lever handle is located above the bath with sufficient clearance for operation with a gloved hand. The bath geometry allows accurate measurements to better than 0.1% of bath resistance. Covers are provided to limit evaporation and to minimize carbon dioxide contamination of potassium hydroxide electrolytes.

Bath size is 7.5" wide (19 cm.), 12" long (30.5 cm,), 5" deep (12.7 cm.) with an aperture (2 sq. inches, 20 sq. cm., 5 sq. inches or 50 sq. cm.) selected for the customer's requirements.

A plastic carrier is used to enable tests of very thin or very flexible separator materials. A perforated plastic sheet is available for use as a calibration standard. A flexible plastic barrier panel is included to verify bath condition with aging.

All hardware is type 316 stainless steel. Wire connections to the 9100-2 System are teflon insulated type 316 stainless steel wire to prevent corrosion from the electrolyte.